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The world that we live in today has become more and more stressful.

For each new generation it brings a new set of challenges for them to overcome. The outcome of all this is the mental health of people and the number of people affected are increasing daily.

The founders established Safe In Our World as a sanctuary for individuals experiencing mental health crisis, with a particular focus on gamers.

Safe in Our World was founded by gaming industry veterans Leo Zullo, Neil Broadhead and Gareth Williams. Their goal was to raise awareness surrounding mental health in gaming and to let people know that they are not alone and had a support friend in Safe in Our World.

Our task was to build a website and raise awareness of the charity.

Website build and development

Planning ahead

When building a website, you want to develop it in a way that will future-proof it for many years to come, and to allow a raft of new features to be easily added.

Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as you may think.

With a new company like Safe in Our World, we knew that it was going to gain traction quickly and grow as an entity. So, when planning the website, we had to be a few steps ahead working out what phase 2 and 3 would look like.

With this is mind, we set about planning the site map of the website and the expected user journey. We understood that a news and information website requires more content-managed areas to allow clients to make their own changes.


Web Design

The design phase

Safe in Our World designer Neil Dickens built a lovely brand identity, which made our job so much easier to deliver a lovely looking website.

The owner's approved the sitemap, so the next stage would be starting the webpage designs. We always start with the homepage layout first. This allows us to define the design style that we would be using throughout the website.

We submitted and approved the designs. This allowed us to work through the remaining pages of the website before moving to development.

SIOW screen layout SIOW screen layout
SIOW mobile design SIOW mobile design

Graphic design

Development and release

We built the website in Wordpress with a customisable administration area.

This allows numerous content updates and new pages to be added to the website once live.

In addition to serving as an information hub for news, the website also offers a variety of downloadable resources for both users and media outlets. To ensure the utmost security for these areas, we developed a custom client area specifically for their needs.

Before release we go through a vigorous testing phase. This allows us to iron out any bugs or glitches before we go live.

The website went live and has become well known within the gaming community for its mental health support network. Safe in Our World has also released game bundles on Humble Bundle.

The company continues to grow and raise awareness of mental health in the gaming community.

SIOW website homepage SIOW website homepage
SIOW website podcasts SIOW website podcasts

Digital marketing for a charity

A little bit more about Safe in Our World

Safe In Our World is a charity that is promoting mental health awareness and support for individuals within the gaming community.

The organisation was established in 2019, and since then, it has been working tirelessly to provide resources and support to those who are struggling with mental health issues.

At Safe In Our World, they believe that everyone should have access to mental health support, regardless of their background or circumstances. They recognise that the gaming community can be a place where people feel isolated or disconnected. At Safe in Our World, they want to help bridge that gap by providing a safe space where individuals can seek help and support.

Their mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues within the gaming industry, provide resources and support to those who need it, and work towards ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. They believe that by bringing together individuals from all walks of life, they can create a community that is supportive, inclusive, and compassionate.

Website Build and Development

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