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Wired Productions are one of the leading independent game publishers with a catalogue of successful games under their belt.

They reached out to Form to build a new website that would promote their games to customers and also attract new developers.

Here's how we usually work on website development for gaming industry specialists such as Wired.

new brand style for Wired new brand style for Wired

Understanding the client’s needs

Web design

With all websites that we create, we must determine the purpose and goals.

This would involve identifying the target audience, which we knew were gamers and developers alike. Alongside understanding the type of games Wired Productions produce and what role they will play on the website. And, finally, what Wired Productions is looking to achieve with the website overall.

Once we have this information, we can look into what other key features the website requires. We knew that the website required an extensive content managed area. Not only would new games, news, shop areas require updating via the CMS area, but they also wanted flexibility within the site to change fonts, colours, layouts.

Invariably, this would normally be something that you’d expect a module builder software to do, but they come with limitations on what you can build. We received an extensive brief for the Wired Productions website project. They also wanted to translate it into 20 languages. This was a complex build and required a lot of thought and pre-planning.

We agreed on sitemaps, navigation and expected user journeys which allowed us to start the website design process.

Wired Laptop mocks Wired Laptop mocks
Wired mobile layout Wired mobile layout

Make it loud, make it proud

Graphic design

We had one brief for the design and how the website would look...make it bright!

We’re not just talking bright, the client wanted a neon look. Something that would resemble a 1980’s arcade. These are sort of briefs that we love here at Form. Being able to express ourselves with no fixed restrictions.

We worked on the home page layout first. The design is then applied in a consistent format across the remaining pages on approval in the same style.

The benefit of working on a gaming site like this is that we had access to hundreds of great pieces of gaming artwork that Wired Productions owned. The site came to life easily and quickly.

Our goal was to ensure maximum engagement for the user by creating compelling content on the website, including games, developers' interviews and news articles.

With sign-off for the page designs, now the hard task of developing all the moving components had to begin.

Wired Breakup Graphic Wired Breakup Graphic

Website build

Website development for the gaming industry

With the design in place, the website development work can begin.

This phase involves building the website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To give the website a gamify feel, we include subtle animations throughout the pages. We then integrate any necessary back-end functionality and applied the language translations.

As the website is being built, we create content and add it to the site. This includes news articles, copywriting and videos. We also ensure to optimise all content for search engines.

Finally, the site is thoroughly tested. This involves checking for bugs, testing functionality and that the site looks correct across different devices and browsers.

The Wired Productions website was complete and went live. Since its launch the website has gone on to serve the client well in attracting new users and developers.

Wired productions web redesign Wired productions web redesign
Wired website design and build Wired website design and build

A little bit about Wired Productions

Website design for the gaming industry specialist

Wired Productions are a dynamic and innovative video game publisher that prides itself on delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

With a passion for gaming and a focus on quality, Wired Productions has developed a reputation for creating groundbreaking titles that push the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.

From the critically acclaimed "The Falconeer" to the award-winning "Close to the Sun," Wired Productions has consistently delivered top-tier gaming experiences that have captivated players around the world.

But Wired Productions is more than just a publisher. They're also committed to supporting the gaming community and fostering the next generation of developers. Through partnerships with indie studios and initiatives like the "Wired Direct" showcase, Wired Productions are helping to bring exciting new games to players and promote creativity and innovation in the industry.

With a proven track record of success and a passion for gaming that drives everything they do.

Website Development and Build

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