Brand Identity Creation for Brew Factory – an Italian Craft Beer Brewery

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In every new endeavour, we embark on a meticulous journey of sector exploration and competitor analysis. This process lays the foundation for comprehending the requisites in shaping a fresh brand identity.

Yet, our endeavour to understand the landscape of craft beer brand identities unveiled an array of designs that transcend conventional definition. The realm of craft beer design appears to embrace boundless creativity with.

Introducing The Brew Factory, an emerging brewery nestled in Milano, Italy. The company is family run and set out initially to see if they could produce a small craft line which has now grown into a leading craft beer company in Italy and Europe.

Brew Factory Logo Brew Factory Logo
Beer Bottle Design Beer Bottle Design
Beer illustrations Beer illustrations

The challenge

Brand identity creation

Our mission: to forge a brand identity with a global resonance, transcending its Italian origins and resonating universally.

Striking the delicate balance between crafting a universally appealing brand while preserving the quintessence of craft beer proved to be an intricate challenge.

Our journey commenced with the conception of an icon—a minimalist yet unforgettable representation of The Brew Factory. We aspired to intertwine elements within the design, echoing the brewery's appellation.

Typography played a pivotal role in shaping this brand identity. The selected font needed to exude modernity, cleanliness, and an authentic, rustic allure. After much research, we identified a font that harmoniously encapsulated the spirit of craft beer branding. Its bold presence on the bottle ensured an indelible mark - a crucial aspect for any nascent brand aiming to captivate attention.

Brewfactory campaign Brewfactory campaign
Brew Factory mockup Brew Factory mockup
Beer Bottle Design Beer Bottle Design

The launch

Digital advertising

The process of finalising this novel brand identity transpired remarkably seamlessly.

To accompany the brand identity Form Agency orchestrated an array of advertising campaigns, propelling the beer brand during its inaugural phase. These campaigns tastefully acknowledged the Italian heritage of the brews by ingeniously weaving iconic Italian elements into the design's fabric. The result: visually captivating and instantly recognisable campaigns. By aligning the beers with globally renowned Italian icons, we amplified their appeal and authenticity, bolstering their acceptance and credibility on a global scale.

Design studio UK Design studio UK
brew factory poster brew factory poster

A little more about Brew Factory

International design agency

Brew Factory are a Milan-based craft beer brewery.

Their countryside location makes the perfect backdrop to their family run business. Their range of home brewed beers will be available worldwide. The craft beer world is growing more and more each year and Brew Factory are certain to become a firm favourite.

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