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At Form we predominantly deal with the financial sector. However, our abilities aren’t limited to these types of companies. When Form Agency was presented with the chance to create a bespoke microsite for the Social Mobility Commission, we jumped at the opportunity.

As you may, or may not know, working in the public sector is not as straightforward as working with a privately owned company. To qualify to work with organisations such as the Social Mobility Commission you must go through a government tender process. This process requires you to put forward your proposal for the project. This must also include company structure, finances, DEI and how you will approach the project from start to finish.

We won the tender and produced the microsite as the initial project.

[2] Social Mobility Commission_Website_1200x800 [2] Social Mobility Commission_Website_1200x800
Social Mobility Commission_Mobile Website_1200x800 Social Mobility Commission_Mobile Website_1200x800

The challenge

Public sector design

As an advisory non-departmental public body of the Department of Education in England, the Social Mobility Commission needed a very bespoke site.

Social mobility refers to the movement or ability of individuals to change their social status or position within society classes. It involves the upward or downward movement in terms of wealth, education, occupation, and class. Social mobility is often seen as a measure of equality of opportunity within a society.

[2] Social Mobility Commission_Brochure_1920x600 [2] Social Mobility Commission_Brochure_1920x600

The process

Brochure design

Although positioned as a microsite, the site needs strong website features.

We ensure its fully responsive, presents a clear brand identity, news/events/blog areas and high accessibility. Unlike our standard websites, this required a bespoke build to transform the new Toolkit into individual bespoke areas. Alongside these areas, an organisation directory for companies to submit to would be put in place to complete the website.

As an established public body, the Social Mobility Commission already had strong existing brand guidelines and a fixed brand style. Providing the team with a XD mock-up of the site, they could experience the look and feel of the intended microsite. With approval received, the development of the site was created in Wordpress to allow for a simple Content Management System for the client.

Social Mobility Commission_Brochure_1920x600 Social Mobility Commission_Brochure_1920x600

The results

Public service website development

With the microsite a success, we have since worked with the Social Mobility Commission to expand and elevate it into a full website.

The addition of new Toolkits and pages has allowed the Social Mobility Commission team to extend their reach and offering to organisations. Alongside the website expansion, Form Agency helped to design the 2020 Social Mobility Commission Corporate Report - a full report design following the existing brand and accessibility guidelines.

A little bit more about Social Mobility Commission

Website Build and Development for a Start-Up

At the Social Mobility Commission, their unwavering mission is to break down the barriers that hinder upward mobility and create a society where every individual can realise their full potential, regardless of their background.

Through rigorous research, strategic advocacy, and collaborative partnerships, SMC drive systemic change across education, employment, housing, and beyond. Their purpose is to challenge the status quo, influence policies, and foster a culture of inclusivity and fairness. They strive to empower communities, amplify underrepresented voices, and reshape the trajectory of social mobility. At the Social Mobility Commission, they envision and work towards a future where opportunities are accessible to all, nurturing a society that thrives on diversity, equality, and the boundless promise of each individual.

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