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The Benefits of Being a Global Marketing Agency in the UK

8 August 2023

There’s one thing everyone can agree on and that is the world is a much smaller place since the internet took over the ways we communicate.

Without showing my age too much, I remember when you would upload a file to an overseas client via ISDN. You’d cross your fingers, toes, and anything else in the hope the connection wouldn’t fail.

Nowadays, we throw a large file onto a server and in seconds, hey-presto, it’s delivered.

So, how has this changed the way we work?

Well, speaking on behalf of our own experiences, our company Form Agency has changed in many ways. This has mainly been due to the overseas clients we have worked with.

I would estimate that 80% of the clients we work with are overseas clients here at Form. With 7 continents in the world, other than Antarctica, we have clients in all the other regions. Mental note, my life goal is to get a client in Antarctica for the full house.

So, the question is why do overseas clients use a UK marketing agency such as ours when there are similar alternatives on their own doorstep?

Let’s start with personnel and client relationships.

When I think back to how we became established with our US-based clients, it came via the old-fashioned route of building up great working relationships with clients. We predominately work in the finance sector designing for banks, fintech and new start-ups. Typically staffed with people from many nationalities, over time you build up relationships with these companies. This crows to building trust and establishing friendships with new people. Invariably, they move back to their native country with a new job position and thus, you’ve acquired a new client, and your network has branched out into a new country.

There are other factors why overseas clients use agencies such as ours. One reason we have heard first-hand from our clients is the time difference between Western clients and the UK. Times can vary from a 5 to 10-hour head start with their day, depending on whether they are East or West Coast-based. This allows us to be working on their projects whilst they are still sleeping. Normally, by the time they get to work, smaller jobs briefed the night before are ready for when they start their working day.

Another reason and one that is quite topical now is cost.

At this present time, the weaker Sterling against the dollar for example, may offer cost-effective solutions compared to hiring a domestic agency. This is due to varying factors such as inflation and Brexit, for instance. It allows overseas clients to take advantage and get more value for money, stretching their budget further than they would if using a local agency.

Last but not least is having a greater understanding of local regions. If your USA company considers entering European markets, a UK-based agency can serve as a strategic partner. The agency’s local expertise and understanding of European consumer behaviour help you navigate market entry challenges and tailor your messaging to resonate with European audiences.

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