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The Infographic Checklist

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the rapid and effective distribution of information is paramount. This is where infographics step into the spotlight. They are not just tools; they are dynamic storytellers. Infographics hold the power to transform intricate data into visually engaging and easily digestible narratives, avoiding the mundanity of endless bullet points. So, let’s look at the best way to make them unleash their full potential for you and your brand.

Who is your audience?

Before you dive into the design process, consider this: Who is your infographic meant for? What message do you aim to convey? How can you articulate it visually? These questions will guide your infographic’s effectiveness.

How can you simplify the information?

Infographics are about clarity and conciseness. Focus on a single topic or message. The allure of infographics lies in their ability to simplify complexity, distilling intricate information into bite-sized visuals. Keep it clean and clear; discard any elements that might cloud your message.

We crafted an eye-catching infographic for Minitab, the cloud-based statistical tool provider. When we first received the project brief, it was bursting with valuable information, but it risked overwhelming the audience with excessive data. To create a powerful impact, we filtered this wealth of information into the four most critical statistics, ensuring that we cut through the noise to spotlight the key pain points.

Our approach marries the power of data presented in percentages with striking medical imagery, a fusion designed to instantly resonate with the intended audience. This dynamic combination not only defines the target demographic but also ensures a seamless flow of information that keeps viewers engaged and informed.


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How will the information flow?

Picture your infographic as a journey, and every element as a milestone. To plan the route, start with a storyboard or rough sketch. It’s not just data; it’s a story. Weave a narrative that blends your data together, providing the context and meaning that makes it resonate with the viewer. 

Navigating a vast amount of information can often feel like an intricate maze, but a straightforward, foolproof approach can simply be from top to bottom. When Minitab needed to showcase their impressive Bridgestone Corporation case study, we embarked on a journey to make it engaging and intuitive.

Incorporating the iconic Bridgestone brand colours, we harnessed the power of directional graphic elements to guide the audience through the narrative. In addition, we skilfully condensed complex data into an easily digestible format and presented it within a sectioned infographic. This ensured that every piece of information found its perfect place, making the entire experience not only informative but also visually captivating.


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What will the information look like?

Choose your data visualisation method wisely. Bar charts, pie charts, icons – the options abound. But remember, they should enhance your story, not complicate it.

Who says graphs and tables must be dull and lifeless? We believe in infusing personality into your data while maintaining the integrity of your message. Case in point, this UK Car Industry infographic we crafted for the esteemed financial data analytics company, Credit Benchmark.

While the graph remained the backbone of our infographic, we didn’t stop there. We know that a successful infographic needs more than just numbers—it needs character. To breathe life into the data, we introduced engaging visual elements inspired by familiar road signs and iconic car brands. This not only injected a dynamic and relatable air into the infographic but also ensured that the essence of the data remained true to Credit Benchmark’s branding. 



Can you process the information at a glance?

In our fast-paced world, people scan infographics for the highlights. Use concise headings, punchy text, and varied sizes to make the key points pop. Create a visual hierarchy with size, colour, and placement, guiding your viewer through your story.

Does it match your brand style?

In the world of infographics, consistency is your North Star. Fonts, colours, icons – they should all harmonise with your brand identity. These elements are your palette for emphasising key points and directing the viewer’s eye.

Globally renowned FX broker INFINOX hold a brand style that leaves an indelible mark across all their sub-companies and brands, including IX Prime. A palette dominated by a bold and vibrant yellow that instantly grabs your attention, making their brand instantly recognisable. A clear example of this is the below infographic merges IX Prime’s iconic colour scheme with sleek and minimalist line icons. With a fusion of key colours, explanatory icons, a range of font sizes and weights, and a smooth flow that guides the viewer’s gaze, the infographic is not just informative but truly engaging. 


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Have you credited all your data sources?

If you’re incorporating data from external sources, always cite them correctly. This adds credibility to your information and invites further exploration.

Is your infographic mobile-friendly?

In a world dominated by mobile devices, ensure your infographic is responsive across different screen sizes. It should seamlessly transition from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Have you checked and re-checked your infographic before sharing it?

Before you hit that ‘share’ button, gather feedback from your peers. Is it confusing? Overwhelming? Does the layout work? A little testing goes a long way in ensuring your infographic is as effective as it can be.

Infographics are your ticket to conveying information swiftly and effectively. However, crafting them is an art that demands thoughtful planning and creation. By adhering to this checklist, you can create infographics that not only captivate your audience but also effectively communicate your message in today’s visually-driven world. Remember, infographics are your canvas for creative storytelling.

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